Cleo Viper is available for private lessons and group workshops, teaching the beautiful art of seducing one’s self first, and eventually an excited audience. Designed both for women wanting to improve their sexual consciousness, and for professional performers ready to take their career to a new level. Cleo Viper developed over the years a distinctive method: sometimes tough and aggressive, but always fun and loud, with a genuine and feminist rock’n’roll attitude. This philosophy made her the most requested and famous Burlesque Teacher in Italy and all over Europe. In Milan, she teaches advanced classes for Burlesque School Milano (the first Italian Burlesque School, created by Mitzy Von Wolfgang).


    Cleo Viper promotes a new approach to the Art of the Tease: not the loud one of the 1950’s with its explosive energy and shimmy-shakes, but the mysterious one of the 1920s. The energy of the performance is kept high by the performer not revealing too much. Hiding will be more important than shaking; and moving slowly will be more effective that jumping around. It’s a challenge for any performer who wants to experiment with something different, or is trying to develop a darker character for an act.


    Another aspect that Cleo Viper loves of the 20s is the Charleston dance. Starting with the basic movements of the Charleston, Cleo Viper incorporates the typical Burlesque movements (Bump’n’Grinds, Shimmy-Shakes, glove peels) in a fast and funny charleston rhythm, creating a choreography that will make everyone laugh and cheer every second. Flapper Girls unite!


    Burlesque has a long and complicated history, but the most stereotypical idea we have of it has been developed during the 40’s and 50’s in shiny and sparkling Las Vegas. This is where the Golden Era of Burlesque had reached its peek, and it was all about Bump’n’Grinds and Shimmy-Shakes! In this wild rock’n’roll workshop the basic movements of Burlesque are put together in an explosive choreography. Every girl is encouraged to scream, dance and sweat it all out!

    PRIVATE CLASSES (Choreography, Character Development, Self Marketing)

    Since 2008 Cleo Viper has been working with professional performers willing to take their career to a new level. With her theatrical training, Cleo has been able to help performers develop their own individual and unique artistic personality, by guiding them in the process of creating new acts from the idea, to the music, to the scenography, to the choreography, to the costume. Being an independent performer she has developed a framework to help self-promotion and marketing of Burlesque Performers. Her successful career speaks for itself, but these are some testimonials of world-famous Burlesque Performers that worked with her in the past:


    With her 8 years in the business of teaching Burlesque, Cleo Viper has been organising Burlesque workshops specifically catered to the clients ideas (private events, Burlesque schools, bachelorette parties): from specific classes on fan-dance, or floor work, or stretching pre-show (Cleo Viper is also a certified yoga teacher)…to fun ideas such as Christmas choreography, 60’s Gogo Dancing, Hawaiian Burlesque, Pin-Up modelling classes, Cowgirls, Sailors… the ideas are endless!