The Butterfly Metamorphosis

    The beautiful and melancholy triumph of the most colourful insect of all..from her cocoon, to the majesty of her giant wings, to her inevitable glorious death: this is a butterfly like no other. In her fully sequinned costume, inspired by turn of the century circus artistry, and music from the masterpiece The Elephant Man.

    “It’s what my late grandparents hypothetically would have encountered, …themed exotic dancing with perhaps a moral –a
    nod to freedom and free love perchance within the butterfly’s casting off her binding cocoon–accompanying the strip tease. The glittering costume unfurled to an eight foot wingspan over her lithe dancer’s mainly unclad physique festooned with tattoos. Her graceful act remained entirely enjoyable throughout, even to us Hooters-eschewing hetero females.” Heather Harris – Photographer